Own or invest into your own SandReef Cruise Resort/Luxury Crewed Yacht

We offer you the opportunity to own your personal crewed yacht with captain, chef and hostess through our reservation management program. Your professional crew will take care of the boat, we manage the bookings and you just relax and enjoy our holidays program.

With its specialized features, the SandReef Cruise Resort luxury crewed yacht can be tailored to meet an owner’s individual requirements. Buying a new yacht with SandReef crewed program provides you all the benefit of owning a luxury catamaran without the expenses and challenges of traditional ownership.

SandReef Cruise Resort works in close collaboration with Sunreef Yachts, the well known luxury catamaran manufacturer and can offer you the latest Sunreef catamarans as part of the SandReef ownership program.

If you are a non EU citizen, becoming an owner  in our Sand Reef ownership program can also qualify you under the Greek Golden Visa program for the grant of a 5 year renewable Schengen visa and potentially Greek nationality after 7 years. Contact us for more details. 

An illustrative example

A Sunreef 60 new catamaran can be acquired through the SandReef ownership program.
Approximate acquisition price: 2.4 m euro (depending on options)
Owner benefits: 7 year guaranteed income to owner of 8,000 euro per month and usage of the yacht of up to 10 weeks per year by owner (according to Sand Reef holidays program).

SandReef Cruise Resort will operate in the Mediterranean in summer and in warm waters in winter to give the owner a full year-long cruise experience. All other expenses, crew salaries, moorings, insurance, maintenance are covered by SandReef Cruise Resort for the 7 year period.

Use the form below to contact us and we can help you to select your dream luxury crewed yacht and appropriate ownership options.

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